Five Cheap But Amazing Business Ideas For College Students

Business Meeting

All right guys take me talking about some business ideas for college students. I have five of them here and they’re all pretty good with low capital to start them up. All you have to do is follow the instructions that I give.

Public Notary

This one is interesting because not many people think about it as a business idea to pursue but it’s actually a great way to make some money for this business idea. You need to get a notary certification granted by the state. This usually costs around $100 or less. Less to get once you become certified. You can charge whatever fee you want to notarize documents for people or you can also become a loan signing agent as well. Basically this means that you will be an impartial witness in official fraud deter attacks.

So when people need important documents to be signed, you’ll be there to be a both a witness and someone who’s going to sign these documents. Usually you can charge around 25 to 40 dollars from one to two notarizations. Just be sure to look up all the information about becoming a public notary in your state. Then you can begin to advertise your services in whatever way you want to this can be done in your local newspapers Craigslist or your areas Facebook Marketplace or buy sell trade page. This is perfect for college student because it doesn’t require too much time to be put in.

Fix Smartphones

For this, all you’ll need is about $40 of start by buying a repair kit. I recommend that you start out by doing just one type of phone. Such as limiting your fixings to just iPhones in doing this you should then buy a nice iPhone repair kit on Amazon or eBay once you’ve invested in getting the tools. You can start to learn how to fix iPhones the best website for learning. This is here. You can select the specific phone that you’re trying to fix and they can read the pre-made guides for exactly how to do it. The link is in the description this website Narrows everything down for you. For example, if you need to fix just the screen then just choose the LCD screen guide in Fallout 2 t or if you just need to replace the battery, then just choose the battery guide and follow that it’s amazing how much info this site has for you. You can charge you whatever rate you want to but I’d recommend that you charge around $50 though since that undercuts most professional businesses and will probably get you a decent volume of customers.

Amazon Affiliate Marketing

This one is a business idea that literally anybody can do it’s perfect for a college student for this. You’ll usually have to create a website. I’d recommend that you go through I page or HostGator and by domain for this I’d recommend you go through Namecheap. Then you begin writing content for your website. You should choose a specific niche for your website though, sir to learn SEO and how to rank your articles in Google.

There are actually many great Courses and videos on how to do this. But I recommend that you start utilizing maz’s beginner guide which the link is in description and that can really help you. Learn the basics of SEO and can put you on a good path for starting your site off. Well from this I’d recommend that you go through websites like blackhat world and begin learning more tips and information about ranking your articles.

eBay Retail Arbitrage

This business idea is one that causes $0 a start-up and can lead to you making some good extra income as a college student for this. You should go to any stores near you and check and see if they have clearance bins or you go to flea markets secondhand stores, and then you should open up your eBay app and scan products with the app and see what they’re selling for. I recommend that you sort by sold items so that you can see what they’re actually sold for on the website then put in your information and final feet calc.

Cam this website allows you to know exactly what your profits will be for selling things on eBay after eBay fees shipping and PayPal fees then try to spend your time only on items with good margins.

This should work out well for you. Once you start selling a lot of products, you can even end consider purchasing an eBay store. This will allow you to list many more items on your store and even lead lower eBay fees.

Vending Machines

There’s another perfect business idea for college students since it’s mainly passive income. Once you get the ball rolling to begin you’re going to want to choose some equipment start your business with obviously vending machines come in a variety of types.

You have your little candy machines that carry pop snack machines and prize machines. And also now there’s a lot of machines that accept cards once you decide which machine you want. You can then find one in buy it the best place for this is usually on Craigslist that avoid paying a high shipping cost then you’re going to want to choose the products to put your machine.

Usually people that do this by in very high bulk. So they can save money on stocking the machines then you’re going to want to find a place to put your machine. This is the most important part and I’ve actually linked to guide below which is walk you through this.

Basically you’re going to want to do some math and figure out the estimated foot traffic in the venue. You’re considering check to see if they have other machines and then consider the commission you’d be given to the people who own the place.