Tips On How To Learn A New Language

Writing Notes

Today, I’m going to be sharing with you seven tips that I’ve used over the past five years to kind of get a basic grasp of the Swedish language. So hopefully if you are thinking of learning a language and you don’t really want to take classes, but you kind of want to keep it casual that these tips will help you guys out.

Get A Notebook

What I really like to do when I learn a new language is to get a notebook and pretty much anything that I write in that notebook has to be related to the language and I’m learning. So for example, when I was learning French in University, I had a notebook where I would write everything that I was learning in French and also key like a diary or a Blog where everything you feel like expressing has to be in that language that you’re learning at first. It will be really hard because Find that there are some things that you want to express but you can’t find the words to express them in that language. And so that’s a really great time for you to kind of like go and Google translate or open your dictionary and learn new vocabulary for the words that you want to express.

Listen To Music

I also really like to listen to music in that language that I’m learning. So right now obviously I listen to a lot of Swedish music and it really helps me to kind of comprehend what they’re singing about and when I first saw a listen in Swedish music, I couldn’t understand like a single word. But over time I kind of learned to grasp the different context of songs, especially because there are a lot of like love songs out there heartbreak songs and you will pick up common word. They use when I really like to do is I like to read the lyrics as I listened to the song any words that I don’t know I’ll translate and if I really like the song and its really resonating with me, I’ll turn it into an artwork. I like write it down. I’ll make a painting out of it. I think being able to write what you’re listening to is a great way to kind of keep all those vocabulary and words and phrases in your mind. And that’s really helps me because he invited for those three did there’s an economic her for Stockton Sabrina leave at the awful events.

Watch TV Series

Next I will suggest that you find a really good TV series in that local language, but I suggest watching movies and watching TV series because it will kind of help you to learn the way that words are pronounced or the intonation of the voices when they speak that language and that is really helpful because it’s easy to kind of just like read the words that you see and think that they are pronounced, but it’s another thing. Into like have that information. For example, I could be like your girl’s good day. Like it makes sense but it lacks that internation. Like they’ll skid a that’s really important too. If you’re learning a new language is to like surround yourself with people who actually speak it and listen to the way that the words are spoken.

So yeah, definitely check out foreign films in language that you’re choosing to learn next is reading I suggest getting maybe children’s book. Books to start off with because it’s going to be hard if you just dump in straight into like an adult novel but children’s books are really great because you’ll learn how to say the basic things basic vocabulary.

Using Translated Books

And as you build your confidence, you can progress to higher levels. I would suggest getting books that you already know in your native tongue. So for example, I don’t know Twilight Hunger Games something that you’ve read before and get the translated version of that.

I also follow a lot of people online who speak the language that I’m learning finding YouTubers who make videos in their native tongue and following them on social media. There’s also specific Twitter accounts in specific languages that you could also follow and you’ll learn a lot from that too. Usually there is like quite a tight knit community of these YouTubers who make videos in the native language. So once you find one YouTuber, it’s really easy to kind of Vine. And their community and start following all the people who make videos and that language. I would also take advantage of free applications.

There are so many apps out there that lets you learn a language for free and I’ve wrote about this before but it’s the app called Duolingo and they have quite a few languages that you can learn on Duolingo and waiting for them to have like a Chinese Mandarin course so that I can start learning Mandarin, but this is a really great. That way if you need extra resources and extra help to kind of guide you along that way and it’s great for grammar practices. It’s great for expanding your vocabulary and it’s kind of like a gamification process to so there’s like levels. I don’t go on at very often anymore. But I just kind of go on there to refreshing up my French skills mostly and to see how my Swedish progression is going. So it’s also a really great way to kind of gauge how far along you are in the process of learning your language.

Find Someone To Talk To

And lastly, I think it’s probably the most important is to find a buddy who you can actually talk to in that language. You’re learning. I think this is definitely being the best way for me to learn Swedish because I have Matthias around and every now and then we’ll have a conversation and Swedish usually like 5 to 10 minutes and he’ll teach me new vocabulary.

He’ll teach me if I’ve said a phrase wrong. It’s really helpful when I’m listening to a Swedish song or I’m watching Swedish television program. I don’t understand what’s going on and he can translate for me.

Obviously three Matthias. I have some of his friends who also helped me on my Swedish language Journey. So I will like type to them in Swedish and they will touch them back and I have no idea what I just typed and it’s a great way to learn new phrases and to kind of get a better understanding because Matthias is very lenient on me. If I say something dramatically wrong, sometimes he’ll let it go but with his friends, they’ll be like, huh? No, you’re supposed to say it this way, I think two years just like to see me make a fool of myself. But yeah, definitely try and find yourself. Someone who you can talk that language you’re learning to it’s really helpful and it gives you great practice to actually put all that passive learning to use.

Anyway, those are my tips and those were the ways that I have managed to learn Swedish over the past five years without really taking any classes or really putting much effort.

Obviously the more you invest in it the more time you spend into it the more you see Jewel time to learn another language the faster you’ll progress let me know if you’re learning a new language and what are some of the things that you’re doing to reach that goal.